If a man is a country



If a man is a country, or a landscape, in possession of fire, earth, water and air, I could roam that country and explore the nature, the population, the culture….It would be a very interesting trip…But what if one of the elements is missing? Could the country survive? Would  I feel safe, and at home? A country can be very seductive and alluring, at first sight, the earth could be fertile, the water taste like ambrosium….What if the air is polluted and foggy ? I wonder – could I live in such a place…Am I going to try and make the air more clear or is this how the air is and can I not change it or should I not? You can travel, roam, discover, experience, taste, be surprised, ….but if the air is polluted……In my mind there is a map, with roads,….roads to travel, getting to know the country, the man. I mind bump into rare caves or never before climbed mountains….And find myself enamoured with the new country or landscape, will I be able to wade through the swamps and survive the dry desert…And on the other hand, will the country welcome me – will it be courteous and accomodating, understanding of this new visitor on it’s earth ? We do not know all these things beforehand…Our curiosity, our desire and our passions cannot prevent us from travelling….


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